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The Marx-Engels reader


TitleThe Marx-Engels reader
Series TitleThe German Ideology, Part I
作者(群)Marx, K., & Engels F.
譯者Tucker, R. C.
關鍵字History of Anthropology, Marxism

Marx on the history of his opinions (preface to A contribution to the Critique of political economy)

– For a ruthless criticism of everything existing (letter to Arnold Ruge)

– Contribution to the critique of Hegel's Philosophy of right : introduction

– On the Jewish question – Economic and philosophic manuscripts of 1844 : selections

– Alienation and social classes (from The holy family)

– Theses on Feuerbach

– The German ideology : part I

– Wage labour and capital

– Capital : selections

– On the realm of necessity and the realm of freedom (from Volume three of Capital)

–On the division of labour in production (from Anti-Dühring)

– The Communist manifesto

– Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League

– Inaugural address of the Working Men's International Association

– Critique of the Gotha Program

– Circular letter to Bebel, Liebknecht, Bracke, and others

– The tactics of social democracy (Engels' introduction to Marx's The class struggles in France 1848-1850)

– Speech at the anniversary of the People's paper

– Working-class Manchester (from The condition of the working class in England in 1844)

– The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

– The Civil War in France

– On imperialism in India

– On social relations in Russia

– Speech at the graveside of Marx

– Socialism : utopian and scientific

– Letters on historical materialism

– On the origin of the state (from The origin of the family, private property, and the state)

– Versus the anarchists (letter to Theodor Cuno)

– On authority

– On morality (from Anti-Dühring).