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Metaethics : an introduction

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    作者(群): Fisher, Andrew
    出版社: Acumen Pub
    ISBN: 1844652580
    出版年份: 2011
  • Do moral facts exist? What would they be like if they do? What does it mean to say that a moral claim is true? What is the link between moral judgment and motivation? Can we know whether something is right or wrong? Is morality a fiction?

    Metaethics: An Introduction presents a clear and engaging survey of the key concepts and positions in what has become one of the most exciting and influential fields of philosophy. In a work free of technical language and jargon, Andrew Fisher covers the main ideas that have shaped metaethics from the work of G.E. Moore to the latest thinking. Written specifically for students new to this subject, Metaethics assumes no prior philosophical knowledge. It also highlights ways to avoid common errors, offers hints and tips on learning the subject, includes a glossary of core terms, and provides guidance for further study.