Philosophical Hermeneutics | 哲學新媒體


Philosophical Hermeneutics

30th Anniversary Edition
  • 難度
    作者(群): Gadamer, Hans-Georg
    譯者: Linge, David E; Linge, David E
    出版社: University of California Press
    出版年份: 2008
  • Published in German during the last 15 years, the 13 essays in this volume provide readers with valuable knowledge of the much discussed theme of hermeneutics today. Gadamer was an early student of Martin Heidegger and has been a lifelong friend and interpreter. These essays are an outgrowth of Gadamer's Truth and Method. They can be understood, however, independently of it. Gadamer's standpoint is a blend of Hegel's and Heidegger's, with his own independent development in part. The book contains a long and highly competent introduction by the editor, David E. Linge, who has translated most of the essays. - Choice, on back cover.