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The essential communitarian reader

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    作者(群): Etzioni, Amitai.
    出版社: Rowman & Littlefield
    出版年份: 1998
  • Communitarian thought has had a profound influence on contemporary American policy. Leaders as diverse as Al Gore and Jack Kemp have embraced it as the most powerful way of restoring America's communities and redeeming its political institutions. This comprehensive collection contains essays from the nation's most respected thinkers, including Mary Ann Glendon, Senator Bill Bradley, Jean Bethke Elshtain, and many others.

    – Foundations of communitarian liberalism / Philip Selznick

    – Community properly understood : a defense of "democratic communitarianism" / Robert N. Bellah

    – Limits of libertarianism / Thomas A. Spragens, Jr.

    – Moral reawakening without puritanism / Amitai Etzioni

    – Dangers of soft despotism / Charles Taylor

    – Beyond teledemocracy : "America on the line" / James S. Fishkin

    – Social justice : a communitarian perspective / Philip Selznick

    – Precarious balance : economic opportunity, civil society, and political liberty / Ralf Dahrendorf

    – Rights and responsibilities / Dallin H. Oaks

    – "Absolute" rights : property and privacy / Mary Ann Glendon

    – Permissible paternalism : in defense of the nanny state / Robert E. Goodin

    – Finding a place for community in the First Amendment / Roger L. Conner

    – AIDS prevention vs. cultural sensitivity / Ronald Bayer

    – Gangsta's rights / Roger L. Conner

    – Liberal-democratic case for the two-parent family / William Galston

    – How therapists threaten marriages / William J. Doherty

    – Residential community associations : community or disunity? / Daniel A. Bell

    – When redistribution and economic growth fail / Senator Dan Coats

    – What makes a good urban park? / Peter Katz

    – Loss of public space / Fred Siegel

    – Rebuilding urban communities / Senator Bill Bradley

    – Libertarian conundrum : why the market does not safeguard civil rights / Alan Wolfe

    – Drug abuse control policy : libertarian, authoritarian, liberal, and communitarian perspectives / Mark Kleiman

    – Inner-city crime : what the federal government should do / John J. DiIulio, Jr.

    – Mandate for liberty : requiring education-based community service / Benjamin R. Barber

    – Social science finds : "marriage matters" / Linda J. Waite

    – Democracy and the politics of difference / Jean Bethke Elshtain

    – Pluralism vs. particularism in American education / Diane Ravitch

    – Immmigration and political community in the United States / Daniel J. Tichenor

    – Who killed modern manners? / Judith Martin.