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Alain Badiou : live theory

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    作者(群): Feltham, Oliver.
    出版社: Continuum
    ISBN: 0826496938
    出版年份: 2008
  • This title is a concise and accessible introduction to this key theorist.Alain Badiou is undoubtedly the most exciting and influential voice in contemporary French philosophy and one of the most important theorists at work today. His impact on continental philosophy and the wider philosophy community, politics and the arts in the last twenty years has been immense."Alain Badiou: Live Theory" offers a concise and accessible introduction to his work and thought, laying out the central themes of his major works, including his magnum opus, "Being and Event", and its long-awaited sequel, "Logics of Worlds". Oliver Feltham explores the fundamental questions through which Badiou's philosophy constantly evolves, identifies the key turning points in his ideas, and makes a clear case for the coherence and powerful singularity of his thought when employed in the analysis of political and artistic situations. Feltham examines the thinkers and theorists with whom Badiou has engaged and who have engaged with him, arguing that Badiou's work is exciting precisely because it opens up new genealogies and new polemics in the intellectual landscape.

    The book includes a brand new interview with Badiou, in which he discusses his current concerns and future plans.This is the ideal companion to study for students and readers encountering this fascinating thinker for the first time.