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A Treatise of Human Nature

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    作者(群): Hume, David
    譯者: Selby-bigge, L. A; Nidditch, P. H
    出版社: Oxford University Press
    出版年份: 1978
  • David Hume's Treatise of Human Nature, composed before the author was twenty-eight years old, was published in 1739 and 1740.
    In revising the late L.A. Selby-Bigge's edition of Hume's Treatise Professor Nidditch corrected verbal errors and took account of Hume's manuscript amendments. He also supplied the text of the Abstract of the Treatise following the original 1740 edition and provided an apparatus of variant readings.




1.2Book 1: Of the Understanding

1.2.1Part 1: Of ideas, their origin, composition, connexion, abstraction, etc.

1.2.2Part 2: Of the ideas of space and time

1.2.3Part 3: Of knowledge and probability 1–3 4–8 9–13 14–16

1.2.4Part 4: Of the sceptical and other systems of philosophy 1–2 3–6 7

1.3Book 2: Of the Passions1.3.1Part 1: Of pride and humility 1–6 7–10 11–12

1.3.2Part 2: Of love and hatred 1–3 4–5 6–12

1.3.3Part 3: Of the will and direct passions 1–2 3–8 9–10

1.4Book 3: Of Morals

1.4.1Part 1: Of virtue and vice in general

1.4.2Part 2: Of justice and injustice 1–2 3–6 7–12

1.4.3Part 3: Of the other virtues and vices 1 2–3 4–5 6

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