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The avengers and philosophy : Earth's mightiest thinkers

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    作者(群): White, Mark D.
    出版社: John Wiley & Sons Inc
    出版年份: 2012

An engaging look at the philosophical underpinnings of Earth's Mightiest Heroes Avengers assemble! Tackling intriguing dilemmas and issues that no single great philosopher can withstand, this powerful book enlists the brainpower of an A-list team of history's most prominent thinkers to explore the themes behind the action of Marvel Comics' all-star superhero team.

* Arms you with new insights into the characters and themes of The Avengers

* Deepens your appreciation both of The Avengers comics and the Joss Whedon movie adaptation

* Answers the philosophical questions you've always had about Earth's Mightiest Heroes, including: Can a reformed criminal become a superhero? Can an android love a human? If a hero beats his wife, is he still a hero?

* Helps you think differently about the members of the superhero team Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the others

This thought-provoking book will help you understand this band of superheroes better, whether you've followed the Avengers for years or are a Joss Whedon fan just getting to know them.